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Barcelona Half Marathon

Barcelona Running Events

Barcelona is a great city for sports, especially for running and because of this the city organizes a variety of different running events in the city. These events attract runners from all over Spain and some even from all over the world. Below we have summed up some of the most popular running events in the springtime. Maybe you want to join one of the events yourself or just be there to cheer for the runners.

Barcelona half marathon

This half marathon is the second largest running event in Barcelona and thisyear it takes place on Sunday the 16th of February. The route is 21,0975 km long and it leads the runners from the Arc de Triomf to Plaça Catalunya, down the Ramblas and around the old city centre, through Eixample district back to the Arc de Triomf. From there the runners pass Torre Agbar, they follow Avinguda Diogonal to the Fòrum. From here the route goes along the beach and leads the runners back to the Arc de Triomf. This event is very popular because of the varied street circuit that is set out.

Zurich Marathon de Barcelona

The Zurich Marathon de Barcelona – or the Barcelona Marathon, as it is also called – is the largest running event in Barcelona and this year it takes place on the 16th of March. The route is 42,195 km long and it leads the runners past the beautiful sights of Barcelona. The start and finish is at the Font Magica. From there the runners are going to circle Camp Nou to get back to the Gran Via and turn up to Passeig de Gracia. From there they will pass by the Sagrada Familia, the Torre Agbar, the Fòrum, the Olympic Harbour, past the Arc de Triomf and Plaça Catalunya to the Mirador Colom and back to the Font Magica. Every year tens of thousands of people come to Barcelona to line the route and cheer for the participants.

Cursa Del Bombers

This race is also known as the Nike – Firemen´s Race Barcelona. The exact date for this event is not published yet, but it normally takes place in the end of April. This race is 10 km long and there is also a special tradition during this event. During this race the Barcelona firemen form a team of 4 and either of them will run 2.5 km in full fire fighting gear, which weighs 20 kg. This tradition is a part of a competition between different firemen teams in order to win a coveted prize, which is called “Premio Especial al Bombero Equipado”.

The Color Run Barcelona

The Color Run is already quite popular in other countries, but this year will be the first year for the Color Run Barcelona. During this 5 km route you will be sprayed with colourful powders. It is the first time this event comes to Barcelona and the date has been set on the 18th of May. This will be the happiest 5k on the planet.