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Barcelona During Carnival

Carnival season is right around the corner and many of you might immediately think of the colorful festivity in Rio de Janeiro. However, there is no need to travel that far away because carnival can also be found in Barcelona. If there is something the Catalans are known for is their great passion for fiestas and having a good time. It is a period of letting loose of all the daily routines, being totally care free and dancing till you drop. During this time of celebration, people dress up and there are many things to visit such as going to events, parades and having a good drink at bars, which are packed during these days! But as the saying goes: the more people, the merrier.

In fact, Carnival has been celebrated in Catalonia since the 15th century, so therefore they have a great history with this season of joy and happiness. In Spain, Carnival starts with Fat Thursday, which is normally the day in which vast amounts are eaten. During the weekend of Carnival, there are many parades such as the Gran Rue paradewhere many Carnival Guilds are proudly parading with their eye catching decorated carriages.

This holiday ends with Ash Wednesday were as tradition, a fish is being buried to close the festivity. The kick off for this year’s Carnival is 27 February and will last till 5 March. Lifestyle Barcelona highly recommends the following two Carnivals in the area of Barcelona.

Sitges Carnival

Sitges_Carnaval_SambaWith all of the flamboyant outfits unique carriages and amazing music you would almost think you landed in Rio. The Sitges Carnival is the most well known Carnival in the country and is a truly great experience for people visiting Barcelona during this period. This event attracts many visitors from all around the world each year. The two biggest and most popular parades can be found atRues de la Dibauxa (Debauchery Parade) and at  Extermini (Parade of extermination).
Sitges Carnival begins on Fat Thursday with the arrival of the King of the Carnival. As a ritual, fish l is eaten and the start of the mind blowing parades begins. The music keeps on going till the very next morning and sleeping is the last thing that the partying crowd is thinking of.
The Sitges Carnival ends on Ash Wednesday, during which, the old tradition of burying a sardine is being done to close the season.

Sitges is only 30 minutes by train from Barcelona and definitely worth a visit!

Vilanova i la Geltrú Carnival

How about a food fight after dinner? The Vilanova I la Geltru Carnival is perfect for those that want to experience something unusual, odd and have a good laugh. On Fat Thursday, it is tradition to throw meringues at each other after dinner. So if you are up for some fun, this eccentric custom is something you should experience during Carnival.

During the weekend there is a procession with the Carnival king through town and traditional parades.  On Carnival Monday, The Carnival king and his entourage perform a show with ironic songs in front of the crowd and on Tuesday there is the final parade before Ash Wednesday where a Sardine is being buried to end the festivities like at the Sitges Carnival.

Vilanova i la Geltrú is only approximately an hour from Barcelona with train.